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BODAN® Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Surface

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Highway-Rail Grade Crossing System

BODAN® Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Surface is a precast reinforced polymer concrete crossing system used for highway/rail crossings and designed for heavy full speed traffic. Unlike other crossings, BODAN® does not rely on railroad ties for attachment or support. The product’s unique modular design allows for easy removal to perform routine track inspection and maintenance.

BODAN® uses a bridge design concept, so the vehicle axle loads are transferred directly to the rails. Panel tests show they are capable of withstanding loads in excess of 44,000 lbs. The BODAN® system accommodates curved as well as multiple track crossings, switches and sidewalks. The components may be custom-molded to match your site.

Features & Advantages

  • Accessible: No lag bolts needed, the modular panels bridge to the rails
  • Easy: Panels can be removed for routine track maintenance
  • Strong: Steel reinforcements support HS 25 traffic loads
  • Safe: High-friction granular surfacing material provides a skid-resistant surface
  • Durable: Modular precast polymer concrete impervious to salt, fuel and moisture


BODAN® is manufactured by Castek® Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Transpo® Industries, Inc.